Joanna Klein

Joanna Klein


As a small child, Joanna had always expressed an appreciation for color, precision, symmetry, and the cohesive harmony of combining elements for Art.

After a year in Paris, France, Joanna enrolled in Law School in Bonn, Germany.A semester prior to graduation, she sensed a critical choice. Joanna quickly found a way to into into the media industry with an international feature film "The Little Vampire" starring Jonathan Lipnicki. As if she recalled the small girl sensing this was her destiny, she felt make-up and hair was a life-long, passionate love affair. Immediately, she called New York City her home, working on “Boardwalk Empire", "Life on Mars" as well as feature films, such as "Eat, Pray, Love", "Fair Game (2010)", "The Dictator (2012)", and "Premium Rush" starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Joanna’s humble beginnings were transformational; it is exemplified by her strong work ethic and continuous training which makes her among the best working professional artists in the world.

Joanna’s work can be described as precise, eloquent, and executed with grace and true iconic beauty.