Working together, we maximize the potential of every model we represent. That’s our mission at State Management.

Founded in 2015, State Management offers a modern alternative to a rapidly evolving industry. With a progressive approach to scouting, a holistic approach to development, and a personalized approach to management, State guides the successful careers of established models and proudly launches those of new faces.

At State, we prioritize diversity and inclusion. Our Image and Main fashion model divisions span kids to classic and petite to plus size. Sports & Fitness models round out our Lifestyle division, together offering a broad and deep collection of talent to represent and promote any brand. Professionally trained Fit models at State deliver incredibly high sell-through at retail and enjoy being part of New York’s most connected network in fit modeling.

We believe in the abilities of each model we sign. State will guide and bolster your career through support, strategy and teamwork.

State Management has offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Think State is the right partner for you? Get in touch with us via contact or become a model.